Access Guide for Guests with Disabilities

Two types of seating are available for patrons with special mobility needs:

(1) "Designated Aisle Seats", which are aisle seats with retractable or removable armrests, are available at various locations at Busch Stadium. Designated Aisle Seats may be purchased by anyone by calling (314) 345-9000 or Ticket Windows, subject to availability and ticket limits.

(2) "Accessible Seating", which are suitable for people with mobility disabilities who require accessible seating because of their disability, and are subject to eligibility requirements.

Patrons eligible to purchase Accessible Seating, include, without limitation, those who use wheelchairs, those who use other mobility devices, and people who cannot climb steps or walk long distances because of significant arthritis or severe respiratory, circulatory, or cardiac conditions. Individuals who, because of their disability, cannot sit in a straight-back chair or those whose service dogs cannot fit under a non-accessible seat or lie safely in the aisle are also permitted to purchase accessible seats. People with disabilities who do not require the specific features of accessible seating but merely have a preference for them are not entitled to purchase accessible seats.

Patrons eligible for Accessible Seating (or anyone purchasing on behalf of any such person) may also purchase up to three (3) adjacent companion tickets for other accompanying the patron. Such Patrons may purchase additional tickets in non-contiguous locations. Accessible Seating, companion seating and non-continuous tickets are all subject to availability and ticket limits.

Upon arriving at the location of Accessible Seating, patrons may find folding chair in place, which may be removed by an usher if not required by the ticketholder for that location or used by a person holding a companion ticket.

To purchase tickets for Accessible Seating, please call (314) 345-9000 and a Ticket Sales Representative will be able to assist you. You may also purchase tickets at Ticket Windows or online through

Guests who wish to exchange a non-accessible ticket for an Accessible Seating ticket may call (314) 345-9000. Tickets may also be exchanged prior to a game date or on the day of a game at the Busch Stadium Ticket Windows located on 8th Street near Gate 3.

Guests who have received as a gift or properly purchased a ticket for Accessible Seating who do not require Accessible Seating, may, but are not required to, request an exchange for standard seating in the same manner above.

All ticket exchanges and relocations are subject to availability and, if applicable, payment of any additional costs if an upgrade is required.

Accessible Ticket Windows:

8th Street Ticket Windows, just north of Gate 3. These windows are open Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm. They are also open for all home games from 9:00am until two hours after scheduled game time.

Clark Street Ticket Windows, just east of Gate 5. Clark Street ticket windows are open on game days from the time gates open until 30 minutes after scheduled game time.

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