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"Happy Flights" Are Here Again (and red soul patches, too)

Neither championship was supposed to happen.

Certainly not in 2006, when an 83-win team that was more exasperating than exhilarating lost eight straight games in June, eight in a row from July into August, and seven straight in late September – and slipped into the postseason with the help of the Astros losing on the final day.

And most definitely not in 2011, when a Cardinals team beaten down all year by injuries dropped to 10½ games back in the wild-card race after getting swept at home by the Dodgers, with just 32 games left on the schedule.

Yet both teams were about to show the baseball world what miracles were made of, a magical mix of heart, hope and never-say-die-determination as they defeated all odds and seemingly defied reality in a pair of red Octobers for the ages.

Now it's time for a curtain call, as the 2021 Cardinals Yearbook brings together more than 30 members of those title teams to share their personal stories of two epic journeys. From the "Skipper" to the "Shredder" to St. Louis' own "Mr. October," you’ll hear how those miracles happened from the men who made them happen, all in their words.

It's an anniversary celebration you don't want to miss, highlighted by our traditional team yearbook content spotlighting members of the 2021 Cardinals.

It's a Cardinals reunion for the ages – and you're invited!

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