Javier Baez gets tattoo of World Series trophy

MESA, Ariz. -- will never forget his first World Series championship, and he has a new tattoo on his left shoulder to commemorate it.

The tattoo was completed Thursday night, and features the trophy, the year, the Major League Baseball logo, and "World Series Champions" plus part of the Cubs' logo. It's just the start of what Baez has planned for his left arm.

"When my whole arm is finished, it's going to make more sense," he said. "It looks really nice but it's there, alone. I've got another thing [planned] for my arm."

The tattoos to come will feature his family, Baez said.

He has the image of his late sister, Noely, on his right shoulder, and that arm is completely covered. What if the Cubs win another championship?

"I still have my legs and my back," he said.

Baez also had some new wheels at spring camp, although he didn't drive the vehicle Friday because of the chilly morning. He was renting a white Polaris Slingshot, which is a three-wheel motorcycle with car-like seating.

"They told me that while I'm here [in Arizona], I can use it," Baez said. "It's a fun little car, and I'm just having fun."

However, he drove his barber's car Friday and gave the Slingshot to his barber because Baez said he knew it would be cold Friday morning. The car doesn't have a top or a heater.

and have revived their "Bryzzo" campaign. Last year, the two Cubs were filmed in an office for the souvenir company, and this year, they got some help. Baez and were included, answering phones as part of the company's expansion. Retired catcher is an intern for the pair, and joins the fun with a sales pitch. Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder even wrote a jingle. Stay tuned for the release.

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