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3. What is the best way for a screen reader user to purchase tickets online?

The tickets are sold by clubs under the heading, "Club by club ticket information". Assistive technology users can use their header navigation key to locate the heading (usually 'H'). The teams are arranged in links under this heading. The clubs are not in alphabetical order, so screen reader users should tab through the list until they hear their club name. Screen magnifier users may be able to zoom out a bit if they can recognize their team's logo.

Selecting a club takes you to the team's ticket purchasing page. Games in the next couple of weeks are displayed in a table under the heading "Team name Tickets". Use a heading navigation key to locate the heading, and then use T to move to the table. The first row contains the team playing your team. Use table navigation commands to navigate the available times. Users should consult their screen reader documentation for detailed instructions on how to navigate the tables. For example, JAWS uses the following keystrokes for table navigation:

Alternately, the following keys may be used in Window-Eyes for table navigation:

Navigate through the rows to find the game you're interested in. When you have found the game you're interested in, navigate through the columns ignoring what is announced until you hear a link with the phrase, "images slash icon underline ticket". Press Return on this link to book the ticket. A new page is presented where you can choose your seat, number of tickets, and price.

The ticketing page starts with an image map of available seats. There is also a seat map link at the end of the image map, but the Flash movie is silent. Assistive technology users should use their shortcut key to move to the first form control (usually F) to bypass choosing a seat.

Enter the number of tickets required. The next field allows you to select a price level through a group of radio buttons. Choose the price level you want, and then continue. This takes you to a CAPTCHA page, where you have 3 minutes to complete the form. There is an audio challenge for visually impaired users. Navigate through the links until you hear, "Audio Version". Select this choice, and type in the sentence that is spoken. After you have entered the sentence, navigate to the "Continue" button and press enter.

A confirmation screen is presented where you have 1 minute and 30 seconds to confirm the details are correct. The confirmation displays an image with the location of the seats you have purchased, but there is no way to determine where the seats are with a screen reader. However, a table contains details of the ticket that does include the seat number. Confirming the details are correct takes you to a shopping cart when you can continue, or add another game to your cart. You have 1 minute and 30 seconds to reconfirm the details on this page.

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