2021 Rule 5 Draft Minor League phase

Typically, the Rule 5 Draft consists of Major League and Minor League phases, but since all Major League transactions are frozen until a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is in place, only the Minor League phase took place during this year's Winter Meetings. The Major League phase may be rescheduled once a new CBA is in place.

There were some interesting and noteworthy names taken, including former No. 8 overall pick (2015 Draft) Carson Fulmer, taken by the Dodgers from the Reds, and fellow right-hander Jon Duplantier, also selected by the Dodgers from the Giants. Both were once on MLB Pipeline’s Top 100 prospects list. There was one current member of a Top 30 list taken: Right-hander Curtis Taylor, who was No. 29 on the Blue Jays’ Top 30, was taken by the Nationals.

Duplantier was one of seven Giants selected in the Draft. San Francisco lost the most players, while San Diego was next with five players taken.The Marlins were the most active, taking five of the 51 players selected. The Braves, Cardinals and Nationals all took four players each.

In the Major League phase, any player not on a 40-man roster who needed to be protected can be taken. For this year, international or high school Draft picks signed in 2017 -- assuming the player was 18 or younger as of June 8 of that year -- had to be protected. A college player taken in the 2018 Draft was in the same position.

For the Minor League phase, any player not protected on a 38-man Triple-A roster from that same group can be selected. Any team with a full 38-man Triple-A roster is not allowed to make a selection, but teams can make as many picks as they want until they get to 38 players.

That doesn’t mean, as it does in the Major League phase, that a player selected has to stick at that level. If a team takes a player in the Minor League phase, it costs $24,500, paid to the original team. The selecting team can then send its new player to any level in its system it chooses.

Round 1
1. Orioles: Nolan Hoffman, RHP (Mariners)
2. Pirates: Zach Matson, LHP (Rockies) More »
3. Nationals: Andrew Young, 2B (D-backs) More »
4. Marlins: Charles Leblanc, SS (Giants)
5. Cubs: Conner Menez, LHP (Giants)
6. Rockies: Gabriel Rodriguez, LHP (Braves)
7. Tigers: Elvis Alvarado, RHP (Mariners)
8. Angels: Kenneth Rosenberg, LHP (Rays)
9. Mets: Alex Valverde, RHP (Rays)
10. Padres: Grant Gavin, RHP (Royals)
11. Guardians: Erik Sabrowski, LHP (Padres)
12. Phillies: Matt Seelinger, RHP (Giants)
13. Reds: Ronnie Dawson, OF (Astros)
14. Athletics: Gabriel Maciel, OF (Twins)
15. Braves: John Nogowski, 1B (Giants)
16. Mariners: Tanner Kirwer, OF (Blue Jays)
17. Cardinals: Ben Deluzio, OF (D-backs)
18. Blue Jays: Abdiel Mendoza, RHP (Rangers)
19. Red Sox: Austin Lambright, LHP (Royals)
20. Yankees: Steven Jennings, RHP (Pirates) More »
21. White Sox: Moises Castillo, SS (Cardinals)
22. Brewers: Caleb Boushley, RHP (Padres) More »
23. Astros: Ruben Garcia, RHP (Tigers)
24. Dodgers: Kekai Rios, C (Brewers)
25. Giants: Michael Gigliotti, OF (Rays)

Round 2
1. Orioles: Cole Uvila, RHP (Rangers)
2. Pirates: Nic Laio, RHP (Rangers) More »
3. Nationals: Curtis Taylor, RHP (Blue Jays) More »
4. Marlins: Robert Garcia, LHP (Royals)
5. Tigers: Nick Kuzia, RHP (Padres)
6. Mets: Carlos Ocampo, RHP (Cubs)
7. Guardians: Brett Daniels, RHP (Astros)
8. A's: Vince Fernandez, OF (Giants)
9. Braves: Luis De Avila, RHP (Royals)
10. Mariners: Walking Cabrera, OF (Rockies)
11. Cardinals: Carlos Guarate, RHP (Padres)
12. Red Sox: Brian Keller, RHP (Yankees)
13. Yankees: Manny Ramirez, RHP (Astros) More »
14. Dodgers: Carson Fulmer, RHP (Reds)

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